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SBTA&SELA Soccer Cup

There’s just something about the SBTA&SELA soccer tournament that brings out some of the most passionate players and fans. The atmosphere is always incredible, the soccer is fun and there are always lots of prizes to win.

End of the Year Celebrations

Our end of the year celebrations have become legendary around Sydney’s education industry. We come together and let the year end with a party where you have to expect the unexpected.


The best way to celebrate and enjoy the Halloween holiday is by making memories with those close to you. We dress up in the scariest, funniest and most creative costumes and crown the winner of each category.

and many, many more

We love to party and also know how to. Some of our events are below like our graduations and student national days (including Brazilian day, Chinese New Year, Colombian day, Australian day). Each SBTA term we have an end of term BBQ and many other events. If you want to see more please follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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What do our students think?

We love hearing from our students. This helps us to improve our services and know what we are doing right. See below what some of our happy students have to say.

“My personal opinion about what I like about SBTA is that you can find support, flexibility and understanding about the life we have as students. And that you can always count with the teachers, they are always going to help you go through your assessments and understand the purpose of every activity.”

Katerina Schlack

“I liked how SBTA allowed us to work on our own small business projects. Majoring in Business back in the Philippines, I wanted to get a good background in Marketing. I was happy to be able to apply all the tools I've learned to case studies and my own hypothetical business. The pace set was just right and teachers were extra helpful and friendly!”

Victoria Tecson

“What I love about my marketing course at SBTA is that you can make the assessments and projects your own. You can bring in own ideas and incorporate own interests in your project plans, which makes them fun and gives them a real dimension. I’ve just started a job in marketing and the projects and assessments at school help me get ideas for my own marketing campaigns and strategies. It’s great how SBTA helps me incorporate what I learn straight into my real job.

Larissa Fischinger

“I like Cambridge course because I want to improve my level and learn more grammar. In the future I need to take the exam to get a good job in my country. I feel good, the topics are so interesting for me. I’ve been learning so much, the teacher is very good she does a lot of activities and we can learn easier. I like SELA, I feel great here because everything is amazing.

Santiago Acosta
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