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Study at SBTA & SELA

Cambridge Exam Preparation

(CRICOS Course Code 060042D)

At SELA we offer courses at to levels of Cambridge Exam Preparation:


• Cambridge English: First (FCE)
• Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)


SELA courses have a set start and end date. They are closed-courses, which means you and your classmates will work together for about 3 months towards the common goal of achieving the best possible result in the final Cambridge exam.

In our comprehensive courses, you will work on improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as your use of English grammar.
Weekly exam practice and homework will help to prepare you for the rigours of the exam. We will give you a textbook and supplementary materials which will be communicative, fun and constructive, with a constant focus on the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams.
We will do mock exams at different stages throughout the course in order to get as close as possible to replicating the official Cambridge exam. This preparation and practice, as well as guidance from our specialised teachers,  will take most of the stress out of doing the actual exam.
We are confident that doing the Cambridge course at SELA will help to ensure you are well on your way to achieving a better and brighter future, whatever your goals may be.


Why study with us?

• Experienced teachers providing unique exam-taking strategies and study-skills
• Weekly exam practice
• Mock exams throughout the course
• Fun and constructive sessions
• Small class sizes
• Build confidence before undertaking the official Cambridge exam


Course duration and class times

Classes: Monday to Thursday
Timetable: 4.20 pm – 9.40 pm

Learning outcomes for CAMBRIDGE

You will improve your Cambridge test-taking skills, and the course will help you to improve your overall result for the Cambridge exam.


You will improve your reading and understanding of a wide variety of Cambridge exam texts with greater speed and accuracy.

Use of English Grammar

You will gain better control over grammar tenses and structures and vocabulary and be able to manipulate them in the ‘Use of English’ section of the Cambridge exam.


You will be able to write: essays, articles, informal/formal/semi-formal emails & letters, reports and reviews.


You will improve your listening skills so that you can better understand general and specific meaning in relation to a wide range of topics, spoken about by English speakers.


You will improve your speaking skills and your Cambridge speaking-test-taking skills, so that you are more fluent, accurate and you use more appropriate vocabulary and grammar when expressing spoken ideas.