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Pre-Enrolment Information – International Students

Study at SBTA & SELA

International student

You are considered an international student if you are:

  • a citizen of any country except Australia or New Zealand;
  • a temporary resident of Australia;
  • studying in Australia on a student visa

Please ensure that you access all the links under this section and read all the documents prior to enrolling in one of our courses.

The Lan-Grove Office Training Pty Ltd trading as The Sydney Business and Travel Academy (SBTA) and The Sydney English Language Academy (SELA) herein known as “The Academy” is a Registered Training Organisation registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority, RTO ID 90412 and a CRICOS Provider, CRICOS Code: 0081A delivering nationally recognised courses in Australia.

The Academy was established in 1985 and is located at 401 Sussex Street in Sydney which is close to all major attractions and facilities in Sydney CBD including Darling Harbour, World Square, Market City, Town Hall and Central and Town Hall Stations.

As a student at The Academy, you will be trained by leading industry professionals and enjoy access to some of the best training resources and learning technologies available. Our commitment is to deliver practical, job-focused training in a fun and flexible learning environment.

Education Agents

The Academy’s third party, its Education Agents are responsible for recruiting prospective international students on The Academy’s behalf.  Our Education Agents are fully supported by The Academy in the recruitment process.  A list of our Education Agents are listed on our website at .

Before you enrol to study with us

We strongly recommend all prospective students to read all the documents listed below prior to making an informed decision to study with us. Should you have some unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email to and we will be too happy to respond.

General course information

The Academy offers a diverse-range of nationally recognised courses in Business, Hospitality, Commercial Cookery, Travel and Tourism, Accounting, Project Management, Marketing and Communication faculties and English language courses. Our Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses also provide a pathway to a range of popular Australian universities.

Each of our qualifications includes course details such as course duration, target audience, delivery modes and entry requirements. You can also download a detail Course Information Pack which also contains details about each unit of competency from each qualification, cost breakdown, assessment methodology, tuition protection services and much more.

You can access our courses from our website at

Entry Requirements

To study at The Academy, you must be 18 years and over.  For students choosing to study a vocational course at The Academy you must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Minimum score of upper intermediate level of English (IELTS 5.5) or equivalent; or
  • An English proficiency of upper intermediate level or above from any NEAS accredited ELICOS provider
  • Meet course entry requirement (if applicable)

Recognition of prior experience (RPL)

RPL is the acknowledgment of current skills and knowledge which you may have gained from a range of experiences including work, volunteering, study and general life experiences. It is achieved through the assessment of evidence you provide against a set of criteria in a qualification. Fees apply. For further information, refer to our website

Credit Transfer (CT)

Credit transfer is the formal recognition of studies undertaken elsewhere. The Academy will ensure that learners must not be required to repeat any unit or module in which they have already been assessed as competent, unless a regulatory requirement or license condition (including industry licensing schemes) requires this. For more information on Credit Transfer please refer to our website for more information

Course Cancellation

Cancellation Prior to Your Scheduled Course or Package Commencement Date

  • When The Academy receives written notification of cancellation 28 days or more before your originally accepted course or package commencement date, a refund equivalent to 75% of the tuition fees will be made. Please note that offers for deferred commencement dates do not extend the period where a refund of 75% can be claimed.
  • When The Academy receives written notification of cancellation less than 28 days before your originally accepted course or package commencement date, a refund equivalent to 50% of the tuition fees will be made. Please note that offers for deferred commencement dates do not extend the period where a refund of 50% can be claimed.
  • If your Australian visa application is refused, The Academy will refund all tuition fees less the lesser of 5% of the total amount of pre-paid tuition fees or the sum of $500 after receiving evidence from the relevant Australian authority that your visa application was refused. Any tuition received whilst awaiting visa approval must be paid for on a proportionate basis.

Withdrawal on or After Your Scheduled Course or Package Commencement Date

  • No refund of tuition fees will be made after your scheduled course or package commencement date.
  • In case of withdrawal from a commenced course or package, you must give The Academy four weeks’ written notice prior to your next instalment due date or pay four weeks in lieu of notice. The total number of academic weeks delivered to you will form part of the withdrawal fee calculation.
  • Any amounts that fall due prior to your withdrawal being submitted must be paid in full at the time your withdrawal is processed. For example, if a tuition payment or late fee is due this must be paid in full at the time you submit your withdrawal.
  • Apart from refusal of your initial visa prior to course commencement, no refunds or credits will be provided for situations where your visa or eCoE status prevents you from studying. This includes time missed where you have been reported for breaching a visa condition, irrespective of whether your visa is subsequently not cancelled.
  • You must complete a minimum of six months of your primary course (being the highest qualification level in a package of courses) before you will be able to change to another provider.

Cancellation Due to Unmet Entry Requirements

It is essential that applicants understand and are capable of meeting all course entry requirements as specified in the conditions of offer in this document. Where a release letter is unable to be provided all tuition fees will be refunded less the Enrolment Fee. Our standard refund policy applies in all other circumstances where entry requirements are not met.

Qualification parchments

If you complete an accredited qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework, you will receive a qualification parchment. If you complete a unit of competence from a training package, you will receive a statement of attainment.

Homestay and Airport Pick-up Fees

  • The Homestay Placement Fee is non-refundable.
  • If you cancel your homestay or wish to leave your homestay early, you must give The Academy two weeks’ notice or pay two weeks rent in lieu of notice.
  • If you cancel your airport pick-up with less than 24 hour’s notice, there will be no refund payable. If your flight details change, you must notify The Academy at least four hours before the original arrival time or pay an additional airport pick-up fee.
  • If your application for an Australian visa is refused, The Academy will refund all homestay rent and airport pick-up fees after receiving evidence from the relevant Australian authority that your visa application was refused.


  • The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover is non-refundable once your course or package has commenced.
  • Materials fees are non-refundable once your course or package has commenced.
  • Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Registrar by mail, courier or personal delivery as soon as practicable and should include any relevant documentary evidence. Refunds will be processed within 28 days after receiving your written request and made to the payment source, i.e. directly to you or your nominated agent.
  • In the unlikely event that The Academy is unable to deliver your course, you will be offered a refund of the unexpended pre-paid tuition fees which you have paid to date in accordance with the Education Services for Overseas Students Legislation Amendment (Tuition Protection Service and Other Measures) Act 2012.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to adhere to The Academy’s policies and procedures at all times. The Academy reserves the right to suspend or expel students for serious breaches of The Academy’s policies and procedures. No refunds will be made in such cases.

Attendance Requirements

Students studying any English course are required to maintain a minimum of 80% of their scheduled contact hours in a study period. Course contact hours are 20 hours each week. The Academy is required to report Student Visa holders with unsatisfactory attendance to the Department of Home Affairs.

Students studying a vocational course must comply maintain satisfactory course progress.  Students must successfully complete or demonstrate competency in at least 50% of the course requirements in a compulsory study period (1 Term). Unsatisfactory course progress if students fail to achieve 50% pass in two consecutive terms.

Change of Course or Shift

Course and shift change requests incur an administrative fee and are subject to availability. Although The Academy will endeavour to satisfy a student’s choice of shift wherever possible, the ultimate choice of shift, the timing of a shift change and the availability of shifts remains at the sole discretion of The Academy, and your shift may be subject to change. Please note that current course semester fees will be applied to revised enrolments.


Regular holidays are scheduled for vocational students throughout the year. Requests for leave outside the set holidays will be approved under compassionate and compelling circumstances only. Students will need to extend their course at additional expense to cover all classes missed. Fees continue to be payable while on leave. English language students are entitled to one week’s leave for every ten weeks studied, up to a maximum of four weeks. Leave requests must be received in writing at least one full working day prior to the first day of leave requested.

Overdue Fees 

Should fees be overdue more than seven days you will incur a late payment penalty and will not be permitted to attend classes or appear for assessments, nor shall The Academy grant any administrative requests. The Academy reserves the right to cancel your enrolment, notify Department of Home Affairs and take legal action where fees remain overdue, and pass your personal information and debt details on to a credit reporting and/or debt collection agency. All recovery costs will be charged to you in addition to the outstanding fees.

Fees and Timetable

Each course has established fees depending on the nature of the course.  For course information and intake dates please refer to our website

Variations to Products and Services     

The Academy reserves the right to alter its fees and class schedules, amend its policies, prerequisite conditions for admission to The Academy and any other matter or detail pertaining to the provision of the course at any time. As The Academy operates within a national training system, The Academy also reserves the right to change, alter or amend curricula, syllabi, course structure and length as required.

Complaints and Appeals

The Academy has a process for resolving complaints and appeals. The Academy’s Complaints and Appeals Policy is detailed in the Student Handbook which will be provided to you as part of the Orientation Program. This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeals processes does not remove your right to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.  You can also access our complaints and appeals policy and procedure from our website.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

As part of the Australian Government initiative, from 1st of January 2015 if you are studying a nationally recognised qualification in Australia, you are required to obtain a USI number.

What is the USI number?

As part of the Australian Government initiative, from 1st of January 2015 if you are studying a nationally recognised qualification in Australia, you are required to obtain a USI number.

What are the benefits?

  • Ability to access all your Vocational Educational and Training (VET) records
  • Easy access to information for enrolling into a VET course
  • Ability to apply for recognition of prior learning
  • Show employers your training history when going for an interview

What you need to do?

  • Create your USI number by accessing website
  • Email your USI number to nominating your student number and the USI number in the subject line
  • By emailing us your USI number you give us consent to verify your USI number.

Privacy policy

The Academy is required to collect and store personal information in order to administer your application and enrolment, to monitor your academic progress and to provide other services.

The Academy will ensure that it will use all information collected for which it was provided and for directly related purposes (unless otherwise required by or authorised under law) for it to properly and efficiently carry out its functions. Please refer to our Privacy Policy here

Privacy Policy

Access and equity

The Academy is committed to the provision of a safe and inclusive teaching and learning environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. If you have any disability or

learning difficulty we are here to help.  Our friendly student support services coordinator will assist you in providing the best possible scenario and study plan to ensure you successfully achieve your goal.

Health and safety

The Academy is committed to support the health, safety and welfare of students and staff. Students and staff also have a legal duty to take care and protect their own health and safety and to avoid affecting the health and safety of students and staff. For more information please refer to our policies and procedures.

Information you need to read before enrolling

When you complete your enrolment, you will be acknowledging that have read this information, accessed the links from our website, read our policies and procedures and agree to our terms and conditions.  If you have any disabilities, it is important that you disclose this so that we can organise all relevant support services to ensure that you are successful in your studies with us.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you read our Student handbook and policies and procedures prior to enrolling which can be accessed from our website:


The Academy accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of, or damage to, property or the financial status of a student. The Academy reserves the right to delete or modify information on this website and make technical changes to the website without prior notice.