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Travel and Tourism Courses at SBTA

Tourism brings the world together – and that is what makes tourism so interesting.

With currently 19 different nationalities (from South America, Europe, Africa and Asia) enrolled in our tourism course, tourism brings the world together – even in one classroom.

What makes the tourism course at SBTA so interesting?

First of all, the great opportunity to engage with students from all over the world in a friendly, exciting and  multicultural environment.

The students and I truly enjoy to share unforgettable travel experiences, giving each other useful travel tips and especially learning from each others cultures.

In addition to that, students will gain important knowledge and skills, to help them finding job opportunities within the travel and tourism industry – not only in Australia, but also world-wide.

The course content is designed in an interactive way with plenty of practical and theoretical exercises and real life scenarios. I am also proud of being able to deliver the computer reservation system (CRS) “Galileo”, which is used by major airlines and travel agencies world wide.

So, if you are interested in travel and tourism, meeting people from other countries and gaining useful knowledge and skills about the industry, I can guarantee that you will enjoy this course.