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Student Portal

If you wish to access your information on line as a student you have access to the student portal which is accessible from any computer with internet access.

Through your student portal you can view:

    * Today's class, subject and room
    * Next Fee payment installment amount and due date
    * Current course dates
    * The contact details we have on file, including phone and email addresses with an easy update facility
    * Today and tomorrow's weather report for Sydney
    * An onscreen display of your study plan, produced by our Scheduler service (updated live)
    * Full attendance details (if applicable)
    * An installment plan showing installment amounts, due dates, and fee names (updated live)
    * Results for your current course, and all previous courses


If you are an existing student click here to log in.

Further support information and assistance may be provided via our support site, available here.

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